Thoughts about the debut album

A new concept in piano playing!

The album, The Book of Emotions has been written to those who love beautiful music and are keen on improving their piano playing skills not only with classical pieces. While listening to this thought-provoking music, we unintentionally find ourselves in the middle of a film where a wonderful world reveals itself. Each of the 16 pieces of etudes demonstrates different kinds of technical challenges:

Ambition: two-handed octave moving in reflection

Infinite Distance: left-hand break-up with jumps

Trifle: changing of 7/8 and 4/4, stressing

Legendary Mount: third parallel, keeping note and moving in one hand

Breeze: syncope, 3:4 stress-pushing

Fear: two-hand crossing

Two Feelings: stress-pushing

Projection of Life: right-hand chords, tremolo, stressing

Walking Around: special chord break-up, crossing

Story: stress pushing, right-hand big jumps

Runaway from the Past: arpeggio, right-hand semiquaver moving

Power of Will: invariable right-hand moving, crossing

Drifting: stress pushing, right-hand big jumps

Thoughts Passing By: triole, left-hand octave moving

Wonderful Flood of Light: vary of right hand

Memory: rounds of third and sext with right hand; left-hand break-up