David Kosa 1977 -

Composer, Music Teacher

He was born in 1977 in Budapest, Hungary. He grew up in a musical family. His father is a composer, and so was his grandfather.

Now he is a teacher in the Theatre and Film Institute and in SET School Hungary, a media composer school in Budapest. He also holds training courses in the music popularization programme of Liszt Academy. Besides he teaches solfege in the Prima Primissima winner Leó Weiner Musical School, as well as piano in the Wing-Opening Art School. He gives one-on-one private piano lessons for students. He became a member of the Educational Office in 2014.

Beside his organ recitals, he often plays as an accompanist during radio recordings, choir and chamber productions. He was involved, for example, in the concerts of the Symphonic Orchestra of Szombathely and the Hungarian Radio. Among his other works, he is the music composer of the film ‘The Door’, which was directed by the Oscar winner István Szabó.